Jackpot Trail at Mid-Summer!

All entry fees go to Champion and Reserve Champion

HACW will match all entry fees
Individual Awards Sponsored by Greg and Julie Poor


  • There will be a time limit of 4 minutes to complete the course
  • A regular maneuver score will be awarded for each obstacle completed. In addition to this, Obstacle Points will be applied to each obstacle. These Obstacle Points will vary depending on the difficulty of the obstacle.
  • Rider may pick their own route; Obstacles must be taken at the gait specified. Approach and departure from obstacles that are not part of the obstacle can be performed at any gait. All obstacles must be taken at least once in any order, prior to repeating an obstacle USEF/AHA Equipment rules to apply, English or Western attire is permitted. Only one hand permitted if in Western attire.
  • Rider with the most points wins!


  • 60% of Jackpot goes to the Champion
  • 40% of Jackpot goes to the Reserve Champion
  • Belt Buckles to Champion and Reserve
  • Top 5 Ribbons

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